Géosel shareholders since 2023

  • 76.7% Transport and Storage of  Hydrocarbons (15% EDF Invest – 85% Ardian)
  • 19.9% Petroineos Manufacturing France
  • 3.4% Total raffinage France
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Senior management


The Géosel chairmanship and delegate managing director positions are handled by representatives of its shareholders.

Mr. François Martin holds the position of Chairman, and Mr. Karim Benbrik serves as the Delegate Managing Director.

Ms. Charlotte Toulemonde is the Director of the Hyvence project.

The Development direction is entrusted to Mr. Xavier Decotenie.

The Sales direction is overseen by Ms. Mariana Azcarraga.

The storage site is operated by about 50 Geostock employees directed by Mr. Philippe Chabot.


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