Our prevention policy


In order to reach its HSE targets, Géosel implements a strategy that is widely based on prevention and of which the main themes are:

  • Risk identification and prevention,
  • Process control,
  • Training.

Safety and environmental protection aspects are taken into account in the structure designs. Risk assessment is then included in the installation change management process.

Géosel has a Quality Assurance Plan and the transport piping and hydrocarbon and brine piping internal to the Manosque site are the subject of operational monitoring and technical inspections in the framework of inspection and monitoring plans.

Géosel considers staff training to be essential to the improvement of health, safety, security, environmental protection and the prevention of major accident risks.

The Géosel site has a Health, Safety and Environment certification under the SIES reference (Système International d’Evaluation de la Sécurité) and the DNV (Det Norske Veritas).

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Géosel has drawn up the emergency plans to be activated in the event of an accidental event involving its storage installations (Internal Operations Plan) or transport facilities (Monitoring and Intervention Plans). These plans are regularly reviewed and tested using more or less large scale joint drills with state services (préfécture, fire and rescue, civil defence) and the local authorities in question (town halls).


Installation safety management


Géosel undertakes to design, build, operate and maintain its installations according to high safety and reliability standards and in compliance with applicable regulatory requirements.

Our transport piping is the subject of a regular monitoring and maintenance plan. The company implements an inspection programme for its main brine and hydrocarbon piping on the Manosque storage site and has adopted a policy that is in line with the ISO/TS 16530-2 standard with the objective of acquiring a formal drill hole and storage cavern safety management system.


Action to take in the event of an accident


In the event of a proven or suspected accident, please immediately contact Géosel (+33) 4 92 72 18 80.


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