Services to european regions

We provide access to many European regions from the Géosel storage, as we are connected to the main pipeline networks (SPMR, SPSE, ODC (via SPMR)).

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Product receipt and shipment


Receipt of products:

Our incoming product capacity is 1000 m3 / hour.
The products arrive at Géosel through pipelines using the following infrastructure:

  • SPSE : Société du Pipeline Sud-Européen,
  • Fluxel : Fos/Lavéra port,
  • Pétroinéos, Total La Mède and Lyondell Basell: industrial installations in the Fos/Lavéra zone.


Product shipment:

Our outgoing product capacity is 1000 to 2000 m3 / hour. The products are transferred out of Géosel through pipelines to the following networks and infrastructure:

  • SPSE : supply of refineries in the Fos/Lavéra zone, Feyzin (Lyon) and Cressier (Switzerland),
  • SPMR : supply of South-Eastern French depots (Nice, Valence, Lyon, Grenoble) and Switzerland (Geneva, via Sappro),
  • DPF (via SPMR): loading of trucks, wagons, barges, etc.,
  • ODC (via SPMR),
  • Fluxel: export from the Fos/Lavéra port,
  • Total, Petroineos, Lyondell Basell: industrial installations in the Fos/Lavera zone.


Our operational availability

Géosel’s infrastructure provides full operational availability:

  • Complete automatic cavern storage / transfer out management, pipeline transfers and ship loading/unloading,
  • 24*7 control from an automated control room located on the Manosque storage site,
  • Permanent monitoring with a rapid intervention capability by operators on the network stations when needed (Rognac, La Mède, Lavéra).

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